What I do

Javier Esteve

I come with a wide experience of promotional events, company events and private events at beach clubs and hotels which I have developed as a professional. at the Balearic islands and in many European capitals.

My own composition which comes from the internationally well known Chillout music (double album Café del Mar “30 YEARS OF MUSIC”), a fine Smooth Soul Jazz  and even House music to dance to as well.

Dependant on the type of event , I perform with a saxophonist, trumpeter, or in a trio, quartet or in a seven piece band.

Some of my professional experiences:

  • All over Europe in promotional events for the Balearic Government
  • Multinational Companies (amongs other: Porsche • Mercedes Benz  • Dkv)
  • In beach clubs (a.o: Puro Beach • Nassau Beach)
  • In exclusive Hotels (a.o: La Residencia • Sheraton)
  • At private parties: (a.o: Michael Douglas • Claudia Schiffer)

Javier Esteve and the Band

This is the last Javier´s bet , a new staging to the Jazz music festivals.

Surrounded by six top musicians, here you can listen to the more jazzy songs from Javier, as well as each musician to show the best of them.

An acoustic proposal, a concert concept where you can enjoy the songs and specially the solos  from that musicians with that wide language called Jazz. (Video)

The band, javier esteve
The band, javier esteve

My Music

It is not easy to classify my kind of music at all. It is about an smooth soul, sometimes in a jazzy way, sometimes in a chillout, bossa even pop way.

I grew up with classical music alongside jazz, blues, soul.

I concentrate on the melody which is influenced with jazz harmonies. The strings are then added to the arrangement in a classical way overlaying my own identity to make it unique.

Who am I ?

who i am, javier esteve

I was born in Catalonien (Lleida 1966).
The last few years I have been based on the Balearic islands.

I studied classical and jazz music. I play guitar and cello. I studied music theory at the Music school in Lleida.

My Cello studies were with Ramon Bellmunt in Lleida, with Enric Prat in Tarragona and with George Motatu in Barcelona.

The jazz guitarrist Miquel Farrero showed me the Jazz music world, his roots, colors and  I develop my own skill as a guitarrist and composer.

At the age of 13, together with 3 friends I created my first band “Huckelberry’s” and at the age of 17 under the name´s band “Trespass” I recorded my first album.

I have published 7 albums, all of them with my own compositions and arranged and produced by myself.

Credit CD's


Live Samples

In concert as SOLOIST Multiinstrumental

Voice, Spanish & Electric Guitars, Violoncello, 2 percusions

In concert as BAND

In concert from a Duet format to 9 musicians band

``Intermezzo``: Specially for Weddings / Ceremonies

Violoncello & Spanish guitar with Barroc - Romantic - Classical period music - Soundtrack movies or Music ``a la carte``


I’m available for all the kind of events that you can organize and that need good live music